Choosing the design for your entry gate is an exciting yet daunting task. Do you select a handmade wooden gate with a rich, rustic finish? Or should you go with a custom wrought-iron dual gate with delicate scrollwork and eye-catching symmetry?

It’s possible to have both materials combined in the same gate so you don’t have to make the agonizing¬†choice. In fact, there are some good reasons why a custom gate made with both iron and wood is a wise, solid investment.

Below, we’ll explore these reasons and let you know why you should consider installing a gate that contains both iron and wood components. Read on to learn more. Then, when you’re ready, get in touch with us to start the designing process. We’re happy and able to help you create a beautiful gate that adds privacy, security, and appeal to your property.

Your Gate Stands Out From the Crowd

When you combine wood and iron in a custom gate, you have creative license to design a completely unique landscape feature. Your gate may be constructed of a bright, sturdy wooden frame inset with wrought-iron branches and leaves. You may prefer a wooden privacy arrangement with a dual gate of upright planks encircled at the arched top by a delicate row of iron filigree.

If you want a modern, minimalist gate, have a simple iron frame made that holds plain wood planks. Clean, spare gates like this one we described let the rest of your property shine. For a stately gate, have your family crest or initials rendered in iron and set in the center of a castle-worthy, thick wooden gate.

Ideas are limitless when you combine wood and iron. Check out online images of wood and wrought-iron gates to get inspiration. You can also work closely with an expert from a team of gate design and installation technicians for advice. He or she can recommend materials and overall designs if you aren’t sure which types of wood or which looks you want.

Custom Components Coordinate the Yard

When you have your own one-of-a-kind entry gate, you have the basis on which to build a dream property. Add matching wrought-iron and wood fencing in the front or back yard to extend the great looks of the gate.

Copy your gate motif in wooden planters, iron trellises, and combination lamp posts. Paint your wrought iron to match your home’s trim colors or leave it black to match black wrought iron or aluminum fence sections.

A fine entry gate inspires you to add decorative touches throughout the landscape. It guides visitors into your private space with flair and elegance. Additionally, these gates stand strong and beautiful for decades. In fact, many historic wrought-iron gates have lasted hundreds of years. If you have the finish of your wrought iron cleaned occasionally, it should last many years too.

Should you choose to have the wrought iron painted, be sure the paint is checked annually for chips and cracks. These openings allow water to pool next to the iron and cause rust, so painted wrought iron should be sanded and repainted on occasion to stay in great shape.

Wooden elements of your fencing also need upkeep. Applying stain, paint, or waterproof sealant every few years is recommended. Wood gate pieces should be inspected once a year for cracks, insect damage, and rot. Depending on the design and type of wood used, it’s relatively easy to repair or replace any failing wooden gate parts.

Finelli Architechtural Iron & Stairs is happy to help you design the wood and iron entry gate you have always imagined owning. Our ironworking and woodworking shops can bring your ideas to life. Call us today to get started on your new, beautiful entry gate